Maybe a Bug, Lanchester's Square Law, Scrap Carrier and Vote

Hi, I have something that’s maybe a bug, and some other suggestions

Maybe bug: It appears I can send messages to nobody, I only got wind of it when a friend player#1 complained that another friend player#2 was ignoring his messages, but player#2 said he got no messages at all. Player#1 got afk and later restored to the game and I realized that my firsts messages to him now has the “To:” field in blank, this must have something to do with it.

Now some suggestions and I apologize if some have been already discussed before.

Lanchester’s Linear Law / Square Law

As I understand the current combat calculation uses Lanchester’s Linear Law. I propose having another option when creating a game to utilize Lanchester’s Square Law, perhaps this video can better elucidate my point

A game in this style would incentive players to concentrate their forces in bigger fleets and dance around looking for an opportunity, or risk getting defeated in detail.

Scrap carrier: What if we could scrap carriers for cash? 15$ perhaps? 20$?

Vote: Its likely that some or many here played Master of Orion, an 93 game that is somewhat similar to Neptune Pride

In Master of Orion, after half the galaxy is colonized an “High Council” is created, to quote the manual:

To win in Master of Orion, the High Council must declare you to be High Master of the Galaxy by a 2/3rds majority vote.

The High Council is formed once more than half the galaxy has been colonized, and each race has 1 vote for every 100 units of population it controls.

You can win by conquering 2/3rds of the population yourself. However, more diplomatic players can also win by having enough allies to provide the 2/3rds majority vote needed.

Races also tend to side with whomever controls Orion.

Once the High Council has voted in a High Master, you may either accept their vote at that time, or challenge it. If you decide to reject their decision, they will then jointly declare war on you in a battle to the bloody end.

After someone is voted in all the players have the option to accept the ruling or reject it (even if its you who won the vote), if you reject it you automatically enters a “final war” stage where all the opposing factions ally against you and whomever also rejected the council, no diplomacy or trade is possible at this stage.

In Neptune this could give players a diplomatic win option and all players an incentive to stay on the games until the end, instead of quitting as soon as they think they wont win, the alliance members who wins could get victory or rank, the vote weight could be stars or economy or production… and those could be toggle-able options at game creation.

Thanks for listening.

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I use the feature of being able to mail messages only to myself for a lot of things, so I’d like to consider it a feature not a bug. Private reports of game state that I want to review later, API keys that I want collected in one handy spot and previewing complex messages before I mail them out are just a few of the uses for this feature.

On the combat point I’ll have to dig through the info to have an opinion :slight_smile:

On the voting point, I often end games this way, by starting a thread with everyone to say what I think the natural placement order is and if others agree we resign the game from weakest to strongest to let the leader claim victory. I don’t know if that would incentivize people to stay if they knew for sure that was the ending.


Good point about sending messages to yourself as some form of notepad, never occurred to me. Still I think there is some form of bug happening with the chat when a player goes afk and is later restored to the game.

The “to:” field got blank and if you don’t realize it and keep sending messages, it goes to no one, You need to create a new chat with the player.