Measure travel time between stars


I often want to know how many hours of travel the distance is between stars. Especially for turn-based games, the difference between 8h and 9h (or 6h and 7h) is significant! Some kind of ruler that measures distance between stars would be great. Note that I may not have carriers at the stars, and they may not even be mine.
A ruler in “light years” would be fine, if the conversion factor was known (this would let me calculate warp gate effects, too.)
RIght now, I literally take a ruler to the screen, and compare to something known, but that’s both cumbersome and inaccurate.


What I usually do is select one of my carriers and go to the stars I want to figure out the time on. Then subtract the time it would take. For a waypoint already set with 23 hours left you might want to see how long it would take for more stars. It might say something like 1 day 7 hours then I have to subtract 23 hours. To do this, I have to do 24 hours - 23 hours + 7 hours to figure out the total travel time. That would be 8 more hours of travel time.

It would be easier to have a calculate travel time tool where you select a few stars to see the travel time to make this process easier. Should be fairly simple to do and it will be almost like adding waypoints but instead of selecting a carrier, you select a starting star and the path you want to see for the calculations.

Another nice feature would be adding in your own time zone. That way you can see that in 1 day 7 hours it will be 9:00 PM and you can plan an attack easier. An option to use military time would be good too. There needs to be an option to see the local time for a lot of the items in this game.


The game already has this - click top left of screen and then on the icon at the far left of the second row of icons. Click on any 2 stars and it will show you the distance and travel time between them.


Or use shortcut key “v” . It also shows what Hyperspace Range level is needed to do the jump.


Then change this feature request to be “mention this in the help files” because I looked for it and couldn’t find it :smile:
Also, the amount of dollars earned per economy level per planet per production was hard to find (because it’s not affected by any particular tech level, where formulas are easy to find.)


I’m just a player, like you, and can’t change any features.

I don’t know where to look for dollars earned per level either but it’s pretty obvious when you read the message sent at every production that it’s 10 x your level.