Merry Christmas ... and want a break from your in-law's ... ;-)

First (and most importantly) a RL Merry Christmas to NP’ers … hopefully Santa will bring you many 40+ Resource Stars! :wink:

Second, if anyone wants a break from the in-law’s, tell 'em you need to save/conquer the Universe … PM me if you are interested in a 1v1 (plus 5 AI’s) mano-mano game against the HULK as shown in the map below - it’s basically a cluster with you and I taking the far ends - coordinates are:
[ [0,0],[-11.99,0],[11.99,0],[-5.995,10.39],[5.995,10.39],[-5.995,-10.39],[5.995,-10.39] ]
Default starting params and turned-based game, so no real-time pressure to interfere with spending the holidays with your family … but with just two players, it can also move pretty fast.

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Hi! Have you started this yet? If not’ I’m game!

Axson and I fired up a game - already through 8 cycles and 192 ticks - goes fast when both are submitting in a turn-based game! At this rate, we’ll be done in a day or two.

As I mentioned to Axson, it’s probably beneficial to be “somewhat friendly” with the AI’s - they expand to about 12 stars after the first cycle. Not sure what the “best” strategy is, but interesting to see how others would do with it - PM me if you want a shot at the Jolly Green Giant! :wink:

It was real fun playing the game this way. Even if I got my butt kicked! :wink:

Hulk doesn’t kick butt - Hulk SMASHES!!!

I got an early weapons hit from Exp which helped a lot - good game!

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Me and Hulk is on it again! If someone else wishes to play this 1v1 game I’m up for it. Just PM and we set something up.