Minor bug : e-mails sent late

I’ve been facing a minor bug since a few days. I can’t exactly tell when.

I used to - normally - receive a mail when a turn is ready. (Do I need to be clearer ? To be sure : if the turn is ready at 8:13pm, I received a mail at 8:13pm.)

Now, I receive the mail only when I check the game. For example, turn was ready for the game Zeta Menkalinan at 8:48am. I didn’t get a mail. I was actually sleeping, so I only checked the game at 4:02pm. And I got a mail at 4:02pm.

That’s no big deal since I check my games anyway, but it has to be fixed. I used to be informed when a turn was ready, now I am informed that I am checking a game whose turn was ready a long time ago :smile:

Anybody else noticed that ?

EDIT : It’s the same for my other ongoing game.

I received my mails normally. First time in a few days.

EDIT : Again.

In Neptune’s Pride, time only progresses in the game if somebody opens and looks at it. The server doesn’t know to send you an email about a game until somebody opens it up and it sees that a turn is due.

There used to be a service that I would run that would open every game every few hours so see if anything needed processing, but It fell behind when there were too many games for it to handle. I’ll make a note on my list to take a look at if this can be improved.

Okay ! I didn’t notice that problem before, so I thought mails were auto-sent when the turn proceeds and that there was an issue with the ‘triggering’.

That was an easy problem to start your week with :slight_smile: Have fun.