More Rewards, Easier Game


Just wanted to give you folks a heads up on a change that will coming out in a few days time.

In an effort to make the game a little more “fun” and a little less intense, demanding, or perhaps dry, we wanted to add some more little rewards.

After the change, every time you claim a settlement, the people will reward you with some small gift. Sometimes it will be Gold, Mana, or Valour, and about 20% of the time it will be a Volunteer. A randomly drawn card of the settlements race.

The old Volunteer systems has been removed to make way for this new one. In this new system, you can control and play with the volunteer as if you had played it yourself, and anytime before it dies, you can pay 1 Hero Coin to add the card to your collection.

This will undoubtedly make the game a little easier for a while, and we’ll need to do some rebalancing, but I hope in the end the game has a more mainstream appeal and more fun.


This sounds fun! As you say, definitely it’ll make things easier for a while, but that’s what Beta’s for! I look forward to it.

Any ideas of other things (besides GMV) that villages might give you? (Not that I have any off the top of my head).


That’s cool. I doubt it would actually be all that difficult to balance.

I’d still like to see some sort of deck/copies of cards limitations, which would probably balance out the volunteer thing pretty easily.


Will the size of Gold/Mana/Valor rewards depend on the size of the settlement?


Gold does right now, but Mana and Valour do not.

I might adjust Valour so that it does scale with the valour cost to buy the settlement.

I’m going to spend this morning looking for bugs, edge cases, and balancing, then I will unleash it on you all and you can let me know what you think.


This is in now. When you capture a settlement, you will get a reward:

If your reward is a hero/unit, it will automatically join you for this game.

When you view the unit, you have the option to pay 1 hero coin to add it to your collection.


Will Volunteers still have the little icon by them indicating their Volunteer status? Seems like they’d be easy to miss if not.




I love it!


A Mana Pool just rewarded me 20 mana for saving it… is this intended behavior?


Yes, but it won’t always be a full 20 Mana.