Move Compulsion Precedence


Today I changed the way move compulsions interact so that the most recently cast one takes precedence over the older one. I think this better matches what people expect to happen.

I also changed how a pin works so that the overrides move compulsions. If you cast Shall Not Pass or Tangle Vines, even on cards being pulled or pushed somewhere they will stop moving.

Let me know if you see any weird issues!


You are saving me having to figure wtf is going on in the internals of the game by making it more obvious



Could you put a red text “(Overridden)” next to the “Expires” note for movement buffs that are overridden by more recently cast move buffs or pins? That would make it easier to tell which movement/pin buff is in effect.

Also, what would happen if two players cast movement buffs on the same stack at the exact same time?


The stack of zombies explodes, but both casters die as well.


Is this the Blight version of crossing the streams?


I think I’m seeing an error (weird issue?) in move compulsion order, but it’s possible I’m just misunderstanding how move compulsion works- if so, I apologize in advance!

I used a Bridge Witch a few hours ago, and then hit one of the compulsed mobs with a Dragonhelm Knight- and it seems like that mob is just completely ignoring the Knight.
I’m not sure if:
A) the mob will turn around at a certain point, like when it hits a crossroad?
B) the Witch’s spell is taking precedence because of a longer duration?
C) it’s an error, and my poor, undefended human village will be slaughtered because of it.

My experience is that a mob will IMMEDIATELY turn around to give chase, even if it’s mid-waypoint; and the rules dictate that the most recently-cast spell takes precedence, regardless of duration or distance or anything like that…so it looks like a bug?

Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place to post this, I’m new to the forum. Happy to take this to a private conversation or a new thread if you’d prefer…