Name in use error

I’m trying to get a bunch of friends to join into a game of NP, but a bunch of them are telling me that when they try to write in their name for their commander in chief, they keep getting the error that “Your commanders name in use as another players real identity”. The only way they can join is if they write they account name as their commander name.

Is anyone else having this issue?

It’s not an error. One of the rules is that you can’t deliberately try to make it look like you are someone else, so if you try and set your commander name to the name someone has as their main account name (true alias) it rejects it (,e.g. No one apart from me can play as Kaine)

If they’re going for common names then a lot have been taken. Tell them to try less common names,variant spellings or add something (e.g. Kaine II, The Real Kaine, Admiral Kaine, Kai Ne all would work)