Need help understanding game?


ie. ‘living win and each solider has 69% dying.’ Now i know its probable something simple but would appreciate it if someone could explain it. Thanks.


Basically, whenever combat occurs, all of the losers are killed and there’s some chance of death for each soldier on the winning side, calculated by comparing the respective army strengths.

In your example, it means that the player’s army wins the battle, so all the zombies involved in the combat die. Each Hero and soldier in the winning army then have a 69% chance to die in the battle as well.

Check out the Newbie FAQ for lots more information! You can also access the in-game help by pressing 'H'.


Thank you


It should be noted that combat strength is calculated quadratically.
Basically, the larger your advantage in power, the fewer soldiers you lose. This makes it quite important to try and conserve your armies into doomstacks :slight_smile: