New 6 Player Map: Celestial Pools


Here’s a game to join for testing it out:

6 players with Trolls, Elves, and Goblins. Mirrored map that will be Team vs. Team later.


1 more spot!


I’m curious to hear how other plays of this go. Ours is looking to be too easy at the moment. Goblins are just too darn tasty.


I’m stuck getting into both this and the Watering Hole…and the clock is ticking…
Game are The Melancholy Titan and the Courageous Skeleton…after picking heroes it tells me
"Error Contacting Server"

Can you fix? Apparently affecting other players too…


We’re working on it. Will be fixed soon.


Version 2 of this map test game:

Now with more zombies.


Woah; looks much harder now! I approve.


Here’s a Nightmare game to test:


come on what are you scared of its only a nightmare game


I took over from somebody. Was somebody jumping in and out to play two starts?