New Badges

I went over to the stock site and picked up some more graphics for badges.

I dont know what all of these mean yet, but I made sure there was a wizard hat just for @Qwerty

Anyhow, if you have good ideas for names and descriptions for these I’d love to hear them.

my ideas: Mad Scientist, Lab Rat, Magician, Toxic, Wizard, Strange One, Space Cadet, Invasion or Conquest?, Ray Gun and Ironborn.


Tell me how much the Wizard Hat is and I’ll buy that one for Qwerty - he totally deserves it.

Dont worry, I’ll make sure he gets his hat when they are online.

LOL :'D, these are great :smiley:

I like all the names you suggested. Now some descriptions, hmm…
Anyway, do we have something for born diplomats?

And I think this one is really important!
Puppeteer - this one should be expensive
For those who can manipulate all odds and everyone to their favor with such grace that they alone feel like it is the best thing to do.

Puppet - these should be cheap as the person who buys them is the Puppeteer who wants to acknowledge his puppets.

And another one

For the dead bird one: Award to a player who somehow managed to play dead and avoid being attacked for the whole game. :wink:

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Or the Bird could be Hunted: For the player hunted down and eliminated either early on, or by a large group.

The octopus style one should be manipulator or puppet master.

The microphone one? Maybe Alliance master or coodinator?

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@Rosslessness Ohhh, Briliant!

I prefer Puppet Master, because
I feel like Manipulator is a negative quality, being a good Puppeter requires understanding and sympathy. You need to convince others that fighting for you is the right thing. That way both of you will win., whereas Manipulator does not give a damn.

Mad Scientist

For those who love the feel of a lab coat against the skin. Reward those who claim galactic dominance by pushing their research teams to the limit!

Lab Rat

Some people play the same strategy every game. Others are always innovating, developing increasingly crazy ways to achieve galactic glory. These lab rats deserve some recognition.


For that player who seems to pull a Houdini act to avoid certain death, the magician badge rewards those who always have something up their sleeve.


Taken a defeat badly? Someone not playing by the Marquess of Queensbury’s rules? Vent you spleen by labelling them toxic.


Some player works feverishly behind the scenes to tweak the game for the benefit of all. The ultimate accolade for those who seek to evolve the game.

Strange One

We all seek to anticipate our opponents’ moves, but sometimes their actions defy all predictions. Why not buy them this badge to show them how confused you are by their judgements.


Some players are always watching, just waiting for you to make that one crucial mistake. Why not buy that player who never seems to sleep the sentinel badge?


Some players invest all their cash in carriers, and try to start the game with a massive land grab. Give them a badge to warn other players they’re going to be in a race…

Quick Draw

Perfect for the player who attacks first and asks questions after. Whether they deliver a hammer blow or are massacred, such a bold move deserves some recognition.

Puppet Master

Might isn’t always the path to victory, perfect for that player who excels at bending others to their will.


I love most of these. Outstanding work.

(and I feel like I could fit into about half of them…)

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I still like Ironborn.

War was an ironman’s proper trade. The Drowned God had made them to reave and rape, to carve out kingdoms and write their names in fire and blood and song.

or hard places breed hard men, and hard men rule the world


It’s just me or the Space Cadet/Sentinel remember some sort of Space Telemarketing Sales Guy?

For stars, industry, and science I pay the iron price!

What if you used some of them for purchases/gifts, similar to the current badges, and kept some of them for “achievements?” We’d have to think of some that are really hard to do though. A few ideas to throw out there:

  • Massive come-from-behind victory (worst to first)
  • Get first place in all or several of the game variations
  • Winning streak: First place 3+ times in a row (this could even be temporary it shows up while you’re on the streak)
  • Play to the end of a very long game (without quitting) even though you’ve been in last place most of the time
  • Control every home star in a 8+ player game


Maybe when you secure them you get a badge you can gift someone for free.

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Maybe there could be valve-like hats!


How about a snail badge for that one person that always slows down the turn based games?


These are great!

Another suggestion - a coffee cup for players that seem to never sleep and be on the game 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue:


Awwwwww yeah!

The only thing I wish for is some hover text, because I always forget what they are when I’m looking at another player!


I was thinking I need to actually write the name of the badge under them.