New Custom Game Open


I created a 20 player custom game for my family and friends. Instead of having the open spots filled with AI, I wanted to open the remaining spots to the forum.

I’ll be starting the game likely this weekend if I can get at least 15 people in.

Password: Enter


Hey man, Really felt like joining, but i never understood why someone would set the victory condition below 50% of all stars. Care to share your thoughts? btw, Im really glad you decided to share this on the forums, but i dont think it is quite my type of game (unless your still missing a lot of people, I just dont wanna take the spot from someone else :wink: )


Sometimes, especially in big games it can be a real drag to get to 50% when the winner is clear. I like 33%.


Only a couple of the players appreciate drawn out strategic conflict, and many prefer to work in alliances. Not built for serious players necessarily, but to make an intense but shorter game.

And everyone’s joined, so 10 extra slots are open that I want filled by people and not all AI


10 slots for this weekend? allright, im in :slight_smile: