New MP Map for testing: Monster Mash!

Zombie Gryphons spam… You evil evil company!

Wow did this map get updated to be 3 player? Sounds like a nice difficulty change. But when you go to host the game, it still says 4 player.

Edit: Also those essential cards! Wow seems quite nice

No, I accidentally deleted one of the player starts! I wouldn’t try it 3 players, as it will be harder now with zombie gryphons from the start! We’ll push the fix soon.

Here’s a new match with 3 spots open: Blight of the Immortals

I don’t feel like this map has been tested/balanced.

On Nightmare is was basically unplayable, there was absolutely no chance. (Please someone prove me wrong, I want a challenge, but this didn’t feel challenging, just punishing.)

On Hard it feels about the same… maybe a little more forgiving.

It is almost like this map is just a survival map, Live as long as you can, doesn’t feel like you are supposed to win.


Thanks for the feedback @Wismac. That is really true of the Nightmare mode in general at the moment, although some maps fare worse than others. We have been thinking about reducing the zombie head start in Nightmare and increasing the spawn rate to create larger armies instead.

We were the first to do Jester’s ball on nightmare, finished 43%

I think that one is balanced really well, it was challenging and felt like an up-hill battle for most of the game.

But with monster mash, the trolls are so slow and there is no chance at all to take any other settlements but your starting ones. So you are stuck with slow moving trolls, a low gold income, and maybe a few hydras, (if you get a good Kahuna card draw.)