New Player - Private Game question

Hey! I sent an email to Jay a few days ago before finding this forum. Should have come here first as Jay is probably a busy person!

As an avid Stellaris fan, I loved the idea of NP being “free” and “browser” based. My gaming group would like to get together to attempt an NP game or two so I purchased a lifetime membership. I have one quick question regarding private games.

I don’t see a “private game” check-box so I assume by adding in a Password, this is what controls the game being “private”?

Thanks in advance for all the questions that will hopefully be answered by this community!

Yeah exactly that. Passworded games won’t appear in the public game list and only people with the link and password will be able to join.

Good luck, have fun, and welcome to the game!

I appreciate the reply! Thank you!

I assume the game starts when the final player has joined?

You got it.

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Thanks! That probably means we can “control” when the round turns over by holding out on the last player joining until a certain time.

Last one for today. I am a bit confused about the Turn Based game setting.

Does the game only progress turns when all players have hit SUBMIT on their actions OR when the deadline happens (whichever comes first)? Or does the game only progress at the TURN DEADLINE even if all players are ready?

It’s when everyone has submitted, OR the deadline happens. If people are submitting quickly, then the game can actually progress very rapidly with turn based.

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