New Random 64 Player map generator


Hey guys, today I have been working on a 64 player map generator that is more random that what we currently use. Below are some sample galaxies so you can see the direction I’m heading it.


Here is Dexters quad flower we are playing at the moment for scale.

I think the new map might be a little too big


In the end there should be only a couple of things that need to be constant:

  • number of stars per player reachable by range 1 or number of stars within x number of LY from home world
  • aggregate NR values for those stars

far too often in 64 player games a player gets “cut off” and unable to get to “their” stars simply by luck. I don’t have a problem with a larger map, but the beginning game needs to be more…fair.


Do you think I should increase the starting range tech as well?


That would work. Starting Range 2, Scan 3.


The starting range shouldn’t have to be fooled with as long as there is AT least a stepping stone star. Getting cut off completely from expansion puts you at quite a loss. I have already seen where whole clusters go untouched for a while because no one can get to them. “a while” being relative of course. I understand why a lot of the games go ahead and give you range to start but if the maps were more consistent in that matter then I think upping range would end up being redundant.

Edit: most games= custom games


I liked several of those images. One issue I’ve had with the current 64 player games is the circular structure. Being strapped in a scenario where there’s very little room for maneuvering or choosing different opponents to fight. Some of these images here show galaxies with far more freedom.

I admit I’ve never really suffered from lack of stars, for the most part. I didn’t realize that was a problem. Oh well, I guess I just got lucky.

Wait, oh yes. There WAS one recent game where I literally had nothing but my home star and two extremely tiny dots I might be presumptuous to call stars. Two exactly, three in total, with two empires on either side of me that had luscious, giant clusters to work with. Oddly I never really bothered all that much with the unfairness. I swiftly made allies and grew. I lost the game because of opportunistic backstabbery, but other than that…


My Three Neighbors maps are intentionally designed to cause potential conflict possibly even among allies.

EDIT : added hyperlink.


Have there been any experiments with ‘infinite’ / spherical universe designs that wrap like pac-man … Go around right and come out left, up leads to south etc