New ship problems


So my game has done this to me a lot were I go invest heavy into my industry but it takes a whole turn before it jumps my new ship count up I have several screen shots of errors.<img src="/uploads/db4495/original/2X/a/acd173954931c6e4467128c6cba920bd3b6d9bf6.png" if you do the math my new ship count is actually higher but yet I refresh my page but it’s the same. I tried gogle plus to get help so I hope Jay will adress this or some else would adress this.


Unable to see your screenshot. Try “Upload” an image.

Is this what you are talking about ?



Do the math this is wrong on the ships per hour



So this what I am talking about


On the Empire Screen, that section of information to the right side and below the empire avatar icon :
Total Stars, Total Carriers, Total Ships, and New Ships,
ECON IND SCI, are snapshot data.

These snapshot data are updated & collected before any player empire orders are given,
and do not update again until the next tick.
As each player gives orders and makes changes, which generate new data,
all other empires will still be reading old snapshot data from before any empire orders were given.

Jay designed NP2 with some “fog of war” features.
So most or all orders that you give are known only to yourself, but are not visible or can not be
scanned or detected by other empires, until the next tick.

Below your own empire avatar, your own ECON IND SCI are live data, visible only to yourself.
All other empires will read the snapshot version of your old data ECON IND SCI.
Those other empires will not find out about your new infrastructure purchases until the next tick.

Your seven tech levels are live data, visible to all empires.
These live data, are updated during orders & diplomacy phase to allow accurate tech trading.


So in your first screenshot, you can read new data 69 IND of your own empire,
but all other empires will still be reading old data 59 IND on your Empire Screen.

59 IND *( 5 + 3 tech manuf ) / ( 24 ticks / galactic cycle ) = ( 19.67 New Ships / tick )

All other empires will be unaware that you purchased 10 IND during this tick.
They will discover your new improvements next tick.


And in your second screenshot, you can read new data of 43 IND,
while other empires are not aware that you purchased 6 IND from your snapshot data of original 37 IND.

37 IND * ( 5 + 2 tech Manuf ) / ( 24 ticks / galactic cycle ) = ( 10.79 New Ships / tick )