New SP Elven adventure: Tranquil Waters


Elves versus Trolls.

Harder than it looks :slight_smile: Get your Pool Priestesses and heal some wells - if you dare!


Ohh interesting. I like the idea of you starting in the middle and getting ready to defend a zombie assault from all directions like the Dwarf Siege of Twin Peaks. This one should be interesting since we have so much more areas to defend. I’ll try set aside some time on the weekend to play these maps.


thanks Kuma!


The areas where you can cross the river should be more defined / easier to see.


Yes, they are particularly hard to see in the marsh and forests. We’re thinking about how we could make them clearer.


Have some free ideas, courtesy of Google Image Search… :wink:

Could be a bridge…
a small island in the middle of the river connected by gray rocky shallows…
tree trunks, etc. bunch of fun options.


Then there’s always my MS Paint Land Bridge!!! :wink:


Awesome SpySat! You rock!


And the classic MS Paint rickety old wooden bridge…


Yeah, I think a color change will be needed so they can stand out more.


Its a trap :stuck_out_tongue:
Forget the pools outside your starting area, if you reactivate and then they get them you have a nasty lord to punish you for your sins.
Just use witches and elders for mana :slight_smile:
Finished on 42% with 1111 survivors , used birds to burn bodies.

Agree with the crossing idea, bridges would be easier to see, maybe appearance depending on nearest race


Haha, good going @Aran!


Who needs mana pools?Just bring an Eldermage or two and load your deck up with mages. You’ll be overflowing with mana in no time. I stopped using the Eldermage’s ability one I hit 1000 mana.


If you’re looking for more of a challenge - try playing the SP maps with just the starting deck, or try them on Hard or Nightmare.

If you’ve been playing MP for a while, you’ll have a lot more cards than a new player going through the SP campaigns.


managed it on nightmare without many losses, but with fear the light and tangles you can stop them from reaching your towns.
I think the problem is that trolls are too slow.

Three options that spring to mind that might make it more interesting:
The pools are not corrupted to start with, so they get some zombie heroes
Change it from trolls to goblins
or to be really nasty add a gryphon nest at each end of the map


I think the trailblazer is a bit lame. What if he had the Tangle Mage’s ability!


Since we’re playing “What If” :smiley:

What if there was a Mana Pool Zombie Unit that caused all graveyard/battlefield bodies to raise at once within 3 leagues every 18 hours?