New Tag!


Hi everyone, Jay has kindly put in a new RP tag for the forum.

If you look. It’s there /\ .


What for, exactly?


So you can look back over all the rp stuff that’s posted here, with one easy click.


I understand that, Ross, but for what purpose would people need an RP tag in the first place. The only times I’ve seen any is with the Story Comp, and with Hulk’s shenanigans in the Team game (which belongs in the team game thread). Or am I missing the point?


Oh, you’re right satan, but it’s something that hopefully will take off more now we’re forum based rather than community based. Any other tags you’d like?


How about things maybe not NP2 based? Have a whole section of just getting to know each other as more of a community then just players of the same game? There, I’ve given the Tag name, too ‘Community’. Maybe have it in a separate pathway/domain to forum.ironhelmet, something like comm.ironhelmet? I don’t know how possible this is, but it would be nice to have open forums where people can talk about whatever, The World Cup, is a prime example at the moment!


Community? A good shout. I’d love a public chat as well.


I just wanna say I entirely support the Role Play tag and hope that more Role Play-Heavy games take their public channels into the forum.


For this it’d be a lot easier for some sort of message integration system, rather than just copy and paste…

@JayKyburz (or anyone else that might know) with the suggestions of new tags, is it possible to just view ‘bugs’ or ‘role-play’ rather then all threads that have been started?

<< EDIT >>
@Rosslessness, I like a public chat, but if you’re mid conversation and leave, who knows what you’ll miss, I would love to see it, though!


Us, representative of The Great Veloxi Empire, think this good stuff. Us grand lovely Queen send message communicating its grand lovely delight.

Topiphophex out.