New to forums; simple question about formal alliances

Assume three players red, yellow, and blue. If red is in an alliance with blue and yellow, but blue and yellow are not in an alliance, can blue see yellow’s scanning data, or vice versa?

I know alliances aren’t transitive like this for the purposes of docking carriers at stars you don’t own, but I’m not sure for scanning data. On the one hand I interpret “scanning data” as including the data from all of your allies (i.e. yellow can see blue and vice versa) but I can also interpret “scanning data” as just the data directly from your stars (i.e. yellow cannot see blue and vice versa).

I asked some friends and they weren’t sure. Thanks in advance!

I am not 100% confident in this answer, but I believe that it works the way you expect, which is that blue can see the scan data from red’s stars only.

I am 100% confident that if red shares their api key in addition to being in the FA with blue & yellow, then using red’s API key any other player can see all of the scan data red can see for red, blue, and yellow.


Hi there,

In the scenario you mentioned Blue and Yellow cannot see each other’s scanning data. They can only see Red’s data, but Red can see both Blue’s and Yellow’s scanning data. I’ve been playing 3 v 3 games lately, so I am 100% about this.

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