Non-Alphanumeric Characters in Names


Is there any chance to allow even a limited set of punctuation (at least apostrophe and hyphen) in Alias, Carrier and Star names? Pretty please?:kissing_heart:


And emojis?

Maybe also a description fields for stars/carriers, default to empty, where you can type a free text? It would be nice for roleplaying. One could write the "story"of a star, or a depiction of its people or funny messages for the next owner. Super low-priority, I think, just threw an idea.


I like the idea of a short description area on things. I second this idea. I’ve often wanted a brief description box for my empire in general. I might fill it with a description of my empire, my people, or a warning to my foes, or a helpful nomenclature reference for those that would care to message the Council of Awesome with appropriate due deference.


I’ll have a look at the punctuation in names soon.

The descriptions is a bigger task because the would need thier own table in the database.