Nostalgia from original NP

This is more for nostalgia sake than a complaint, but this is one thing I really miss about NP! I loved being able to see how I did over time.

Anything you miss?

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Fairly high on my list of todos is a page that shows off your tournament wins and badges. A kind of public profile page.

I really liked the design of those old pages. I should bring it back one day.


So, talking of nostalgia, Jupiter’s Folly is still available for those interested.

Quite similar to Blight but against alien bugs on Jupiter.

Join me… it’s probably not going to fill :expressionless:


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The flash client seems to be broken on my chrome:
Edit: But I’m in!

I also miss Speed as a tech, but not actually lol. It was fun when you got a ridiculous lead over someone, but I appreciate the balance brought to NP2 with the exclusion of it.

You must have read my mind.

The best way to build a ruthless empire that rules by fear and terror is to go back to where it all began.

Start by bossing elves !! :laughing: