Notifications when someone gives you renown

Would be nice to see who’s awarding it to me :slight_smile: Otherwise it’s just a number that has no connection to my experiences with other players in the game…

I really like it being anonymous. There’s the awkward situation where someone expects you to give them renown, and you didn’t. It being anonymous makes me give it out more honestly without worrying I’ll accidentally offend someone.

I like renown being anonymous. What I would love to have is a record of everyone I’ve sent renown to, and how much. That would be the best measure of who the greatest allies and players are. I could look and see I’ve sent Brand 63 renown, Houseboat 45 renown, Starlance 21, and so on.

Would be interesting to see, but I don’t know if the data has been recorded.

Did you send any to the Jolly Green Giant?!? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Definitely gave you some on this most recent one! Thanks for harboring my last carrier far far away from Jackalope

That’s a great idea @TheLastHero!