NP data delay?


Unless I’m mistaken, the only things that affect new ships are industry & manufacturing right?

In which case why does my opponent generate more ships per hour than me when I have superior industry and equal manu? Am I missing something here, or is there just a delay updating this sort of data?

Sorry about the crappy image… didn’t want to reveal any identities, and using MSPaint ><


You have 24 industry on your stars, while your opponent only has 22, so over all you will produce more ships per hour then them.



There is an issue with the display of Ships/Hr. I noticed the same think when Jay worked on hiding data on Turn Based games a long time ago. If I recall, if you just built the Industry, it will show your new production correctly for a short while, then will drop down to what others can see until the turn cycles. Do the math and see what your current hourly ship production should be compared to what it was before you built industry.

The system should produce the correct number when the turn cycles.