NP Future Gameplay Concepts

Have been thinking about this since NP 1. Maybe it would just make the game overly complicated.
I would love to see different classes of ships to make the battles a little more dynamic than just raw math. Like raw fighters, bomber, expensive interceptors, etc… Idk, maybe I’m crazy.

What are some other fun ideas you’d love to see in a future iteration of NP?

I’ve been thinking it would be fun to be able to have dog-fights between carriers in transit. So there would be a very small range on this, but if you’re within a set proximity of a passing enemy fleet, then you could direct your carrier to attack it! Can you imagine intercepting an inbound fleet, would be so much fun! Probably extremely annoying being at the receiving end though :wink:

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That actually sounds awesome! It would at least mitigate the annoying tactic of sending all your ships at the star that has launched an attack against you so they pass in space and you each lose the star you sent them from. It just makes everything go on and on.

Carriers meeting in space and fighting would fix that.
Although I guess that would go against the idea that ships are jumping through hyperspace

"[quote=“TheEvil29, post:3, topic:6220, full:true”]
Although I guess that would go against the idea that ships are jumping through hyperspace

Yeah… but game-play over realism every time :+1:

The other thought I had (and this would actually be a nightmare) was Neptune’s Pride in 3D!

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One issue that would arrise with would be when you and your ally attack stars close-by or in the case where one person makes a path through his ally’s empire to attack someone else. The problem is that you cannot change the direction of a carrier once its sent. It would suck to see that all your ships will be decimated by your ally before they even reach their target, and be unable to change anything. I hope I’m making sense here…

Like if it was automatic? I think it would only work if you had to choose to intercept the fleet.
Like if you had interceptor fleets that were faster than normal fleets and could chase them down (but couldn’t help AT a star)

Neptune’s Pride in 3D!

Now that’s an idea I could get behind.

maybe not every game but a few.

I had the idea whilst star gazing (after a couple of beers) and looking for good NP clusters!

It would be fun, but I think too time consuming to see the game at a glance like you can in 2D

true, it would be a big headache, but i think I would love it. think of it. all the different directions you could attack from. you could easily miss a few fleets.