Official documentation


I was thinking it would be nice to have an official documentation on races, listing cards, units and maps. True, one can find most of these things on the forum, but in an unorganized way and not necessarily updated.

It would help new players greatly in understanding the races and what each race can achieve, as they would have the information right there.
The maps section it’s what I am personally more interested, since there’s not a comprehensive list of maps. Entering a game and checking each map makes this more cumbersome and the maps from the tournament are not there, so there’s no way to get to know them (other than playing them)


As a newcomer trying to get into Blight, I would appreciate something like this. Like a wiki perhaps or something similar (or maybe just a very well organized set of forum topics). I’ve been playing BBB since it’s beta started and I’ve got that game pretty well down. But Blight seems a lot more complex with a higher learning curve, and given the 100% coop nature, there’s a certain level of intimidation not to screw up other players by not knowing what you’re doing.


I believe there’s a wiki, but it’s not too expansive last I checked (Though that was quite a while ago)


That wiki is dated to the old Blight version with coloured coins :stuck_out_tongue:


There is the in-game help, which covers the basics.

There’s also the FAQ here on the Forum, compiled by players: Blight’s Newbie FAQ

As well as a few strategy guides for the different races: Strategy Guide

I hope this helps!


Being new to Blight, I’ll read them all.