Old NP Avatars

Just me wondering if the old avatars would somehow be available for Triton in days to come? Also what was the general reception for them versus the new ones?

I was never around for the original for long or its premium avatars, though for me they felt more alien than the current ones, which is good and bad for me.

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Hey @Smulm,

I wasn’t planning on including the old avatars in NP2 but I must admit I do really like a lot of them them.


Yes, the style for some is just so classic! I really love the two bubble-helmeted aliens.

speaking of, wasn’t there a robot one?

My favorite was the toiletbrush headed blue alien. I always rollplayed as the Wazn Trade Union. :relaxed:

This, pleaase this!

Make them only available to lifetime premium players, as a treat. Micro-transactions, Jay! It’s all about the micro-transactions!

Yea, those are classic looking - if the HULK ever stops be angry, he might switch from the stern looking green avatar he currently uses to that nice cuddly turtle … :wink:

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A human!

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Be careful, HULK, that turtle is holding a conversion gun. If I’m not mistaken, it’s from the level 63 weapons codex. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And yeah, there IS a human. Guess they all provolved into Neo Saipiens by Triton time…

And yes, once again, adding these to us lifetimers would be awesome.

Clearly unhuman, look at those weird leather ears…

Hmm, maybe. I always thought it was the hood thing astronauts usually wear.

And Jay could always sell the classic avatars like the stickers. Buy an exotic slave from an ancient species to be your empire’s mascot!

Or something like that.

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I’d love to be able to use the old Avatars - they are the ones I learned about the game from (RPS Diary)… They are excellent designs, a shame to have them disappear.

I’d even pay to unlock them, or as someone suggested a bonus for lifetime premium members (an incentive to upgrade from one year for me).

Glad I’m not alone :smiley_cat: I know, I’d be more than happy to pay to unlock them. They really were the best. And so classic with their tentacles and awesome water color nebula backgrounds. Only one I can think of not liking is the rabbit of hate with its evil knife. :pouting_cat:

The new ones are all all good in their own way. But the old ones had such uniqueness. Who can forget the Toilet brush aliens doing the Gendo pose? I mean, come on, there’s no topping that kind of quirkiness. :smirk:

The best scenario would be being able to get them all as a lifetime player bonus to get more features installed into that section, among others that Jay may one day get around to, to entice people. Or, perhaps more practically in a business way, make them buyable like stickers. Imagine it, purchasing a race to serve you. Jay could call it the Galactic Slave Market, or the Species Resource Center. :heart_eyes_cat: SRP would be a great way to make a little more money off Triton. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Heck, if I were rolling in dough, you’d already see me bribing him to do it. Since that’s not possible, I must resort to the efforts of this thread and my impeccable whit to see this made reality. :sunglasses:

OKOK, once Blight of the Immortals is on the market and selling, (end of the year) I will resurrect the old avatars and make them available to premium players. I will make a note of it in my NP todo file, but it’s very big!


:scream_cat:“OKOK, once Blight of the Immortals is on the market and selling, (end of the year) I will resurrect the old avatars and make them available to premium players. I will make a note of it in my NP todo file, but it’s very big!” :eyes: :crying_cat_face: :joy_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

T-thank you! (Sneezes) I’m nob crwying or anyding! (I’m not crying or anything!)

Now the poor Toilet Brush alians of Wazn can be released from their confinement! The galaxy shall tremble before their bristles once again!

Thanks! That is good art, can’t let it disappear! :slight_smile:

Exactly. I can’t wait to try out some of the old one’s I’ve never even seen much of.

Oh! Here’s another idea, Jay: you could use the Robot Overlord avatar as the AI avatar once a player quits or AFKs… :kissing:

Just found two more here, so we do not lose them.


no risk of losing them :smile:


I can’t wait to be Broccoli Head

They are from an artists Drew Whitmore.

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