Ongoing Turn Based Game Group

Hi all,

Im thinking about starting a game series, in many ways similar to and inspired by the one @TheLastHero has been running. So, combine that with the regular breakfast club and you’ve got the idea :slight_smile:

Im looking for other people who would be interested in turn based games moving closer to the speed of a real time game. I was hoping to get enough of a group committed that the games could be password protected to prevent afk players. Then, if you afk in game without explanation, you dont get the pw for the next game.

I tend to prefer some of the more classic game options, but am open to suggestions and alterations for game params and would be up for trying out lots of things.

I also tend to get online twice a day. So while a 12 hr submit time would work for me, I’d prefer to keep it 24, for those times when life gets too busy for NP for me and others.

Game size would be determined by interest level and preference of those involved.

Let me know if anyone would be up for this!

:wave: I’m up for it!

I’d be interested.

Sign me up

What does this mean? One tick jumps?

No. I mean submitting moves often enough to keep pace with a standard real time game.

For example, an 8 tick per turn game would require three submits a day to keep pace with a real time game. That’s a pretty lofty goal and not likely attainable, especially since lots of vets prefer 6 tick jumps, which would be 4 moves a day to keep pace.

The main idea would be to prevent games slowing to a crawling speed in which it becomes the norm to only make 1 move in a 24 hr period…

Realistically, I personally check in more frequently than once every 24 hrs, but not often enough to be super competitive with the players who can login every tick. Hence the turn based mode. I just tend to lose interest in a particular game if players repeatedly afk or always wait until the last possible minute to submit.

If you had a group of dedicated players, you could be advancing wayyyyyy faster than real-time … since once the moves are in place, the game just moves right along - kinda like 1v1 (which IS a lot easier since just two players and no diplomacy).

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I’d be interested in joining, depending on how fast the turns are of course. 4 moves a day would mean every 6 hours… and I’m sure some of us sleep longer than that :sweat_smile:

He mean trying to play 4 turns per day, could be spaced by 1h each.

I think the biggest issue to do as much turns per day is the time zones. As in evenings I can check every 1-2h while this might be working hours or middle of the night for others.

Right, I’m just trying to gauge interest level right now to figure out what kind of options and format would be available.

I dont have the expectation for games to move at real time speed, but there are times they could move at a good clip. Especially since some turns take less than 5 minutes once fleet movements are more or less established.

@HULK it depends so much on schedule! I’ve been in 1v1s that lasted months and 1v1s that lasted days…

@TheLastHero the desire would be to move games faster than the auto turn based games, but not be pushy about it…

I would probably lean toward a 24 hr submit term like a typical game, to provide flexibility. But if it’s a password protected game series there is a little more community accountability in terms of frequency of activity and an afk player wont get the password for thr next series without a legit excuse. Like those @BOsshOgg had previously this year.

I’d be interested, it just depends on current games I’ve got going. Tournament games take a lot of my bandwidth.

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I’m interested if the submit time limit is at least 24 hours. I can usually keep a pretty good pace, but things do get busy sometimes.

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Sounds good! I’ll see how many people have expressed interest by the end of the year and then try and start the first game.

I‘d join you if the limit is 24h :slight_smile:

Hey, I’d be interested as well.

@panblanco I’m interested, but I’m hoping to take a break from NP for a while. Count me in but probably not for the first couple of games.

You son of a finch, I’m in.

Okay! Ive got each of you who expressed interest explicitly on the list. Anyone who wants to join, ping me and I’ll add you!

I’d be up for playing if theres space