Orphaned Fleet

Hey there, in a game with some friends and dispatched a fleet between two warpgated stars and at the next tick my fleet appears to have just got stuck in the middle of space with no destination and no ability for me to set a new waypoint. When I select the fleet it says the destination is not in sensor range but they don’t appear to be moving and there’s no line drawn to indicate where they might be going. Are they glitched for good or can I fix them?

This is probably not a bug.

Every star in your empire has a scan range limit from your empire’s tech research. A star must be within both scan range & HR for it to be selectable as a destination for carrier arrival. During flight, it can be possible that other combat causes you to lose a star from your empire, which can cause that destination star to become out of sight in a dark galaxy. The carrier will continue on course towards that destination star, and if they are able to put your flag on the star, then it will be visible again, or else expect a combat report of failure.