Pilgrimage Across the Galaxy


(I started this in “Coll Screen Shots”, but this marathon/pilgrimage has become its own thing)

I was gonna get wiped out in the 64 player game I was in. And I thought “now what? Resign? Die?”

Nope: Try and cross the galaxy!

Thanks to the benevolence of the various emperors whose regions I was crossing, I’ve been able to make it about half way across the galaxy, And I’ve received permission from the upcoming lands to cross them as well.

Now the trick is to finish before someone wins the game!

Wish me luck!

Rob the Pilgrim


Made the transition into Siraj’s territory:


AnnanFay won the game, and I was still only about 2/3’s of the way there. Ah well. Maybe next defeat!


You might have made it if you were targeting the center star!


Till you messaged me I was stalling the end of the game so you could cross :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you manage it next time.

It would be cool to start a game with only this goal.