Player report

I was playing on this game: Neptune's Pride when a player by the name of “penetramax” sent me a technology I didn’t ask for, I refused to pay him back because I would have unlocked it on my own anyway, he started to call me a thief and said I was going to die et cetera.
But today he started going crazy and insulted me in four different messages I have here:

Basically it’s a mix of French Quebecois and English, he is saying:

“Shut the fuck up, you are pathetic, it is just a game and you are the only one who crossed me for 30$ eat my clown ass, you deserve to die in real life, I wish you to die fucking asshole! Stop talking you stupid shit! I hope you understand you shit-eater! Lol die bitch!”
“You are going to die in the street if I ever see you asshole!”
“You should eat my ass, you have your mouth full of dicks you asshole!”
“You swallow cum in the morning and have some all over your face you asshole!”

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Thanks Arty, I will look into it.

The “Lol die bitch!” seems somewhat out of place.

The whole thing is a bizarre mismatch although I did enjoy “eat my clown ass” as he seems to be insulting himself accidentally. :grin:

Google does not translate quebecois .
It would seem that this foul street variant of French is not taught in schools. This is probably not a prerequisite for space flight.

Quebec French has deviated from standard French, probably as a result of regional social demographic development history.

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penetramax is perhaps writing some kind of French variant mixed language . This happens easier in Canada . He is probably not using a dialect, but more likely a creole .

Reminds me of Jive from the movie Airplane 

Software to translate Jive

brief dictionary for Jive

ROFL !! :slight_smile: