Players Wanted (Open Games)

I thought I’d create a channel for those who have created games and want or need more players. Feel free to post links w/ password (if any), along with details of what kind of game it is. Is it a straight game; heavy on the Role Playing; team based; custom rules; etcetera?

So, to kick things off here is an open game I’ve created.

  1. Link: Neptune's Pride

  2. Password: “password” (all lower, no quotes)

  3. Game Details: Turn Based Game. 24 Hour Deadline. 8 Hour Jumps, Formal Alliances are encouraged. 16 players, only one can be the winner! Turn based, 8 hour turns, 24 hr cycle. Dark Start only. Expensive Gates, no random Gates, E/I/S 20/10/2, cheap tech except wpns and mfg. $1500 to start.

  4. Miscellaneous Info: It is going to be a slow game, probably of around 1 turn submitted a day due to work schedules. Please only join if you are OK with that pace. We don’t want people going AFK or quitting as that messes up the fairness.

Looking forward to a good game!

6 slots left! :slight_smile: Hurry Hurry Hurry

I’ll see you in game!

I’m in,see you in there!

I’ve never played turn based before, anything I should know?

Its best if you send all your money to another player to look after for you.


I do that every game, so that’s not unique to turn based.

Crap, the game designer is in… (no pressure, no pressure…) :smile:

As for turn based games, it’s pretty simple. Do all of your management, queuing up of waypoints, spending $, etc, then click Submit. Once everyone has submitted their turn, it rolls to the next turn. If someone doesn’t submit a turn w/in the time limit (24 real hours since last turn started) then it rolls over to the next turn and we do it again. Miss 3 turns and you go afk.

5 slots left!

Just one more player needed for this standard dark galaxy game to begin:

Do you guys think we should have a seperate thread for each game?

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Is there a way to delete threads? If so, and it is easy, then it would make sense to create a thread for each game, and then have it deleted when full.

We lost one! :frowning: 5 slots now.

  1. Link: Neptune's Pride

  2. Password: “password” (all lower, no quotes)

Sorry, that was me, I was already committed to another game and then joined another without thinking 3 was too many so one had to suffer, my apologies.

And I also agree, that if the author could delete a thread one thread per game would be best, or alternatively can we create a sub forum for new games? Even if a mod has to delete the threads, it wouldn’t be too labour intensive.

Might want to keep the thread around so the players in that game can do a little smack talk while its on.

True, True. Mustn’t forget the smack talk. :slight_smile:

One thread for all games seems crazy, a new thread for each game would be much better and the owner should delete when it is full or at least alter the title to show it has started… Actually one thing this forum software seems to lack (or it isn’t set up yet) is sensible sub forums.

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SpectreFish’s game (see a few posts back) now only needs one player!


I can’t believe we are still waiting for one player… COME ON.Put us out of our misery!

Seems the 16 player games can be hard to fill!