Playing a "weapons locked" game, and


I cannot say how refreshing this is. Every game turns into an arms race to see how fast and how high you can get Weapons. It’s forcing the other techs to be researched and I LOVE it.


Is weapons locked at 1? Combat will be brutal.


Nah, it’s at 3.


Can we configure a limit on weapons? I didn’t know that!


In create a game you can specify the start tech level and you can set it to “no research” or something similar


Thanks for clarification! Anyway, it would be nice to have limits, so there could be research but just up to some level.


I think I may have played in that game with you, @MattS . I enjoyed it so much that I think limited weapons is now a requirement for me. I’m currently waiting for a weapon-4-capped turn-based game to start.

Here it is if anyone is interesting in joining:


I’d love an assymetrical game. One player locked at say level 6 and all the others allowed to research as normal from level 1. A real David and Goliath style scenario.


Yep. Hey buddy!