Possible Cheating?


Hey guys,

Been a way for a little bit, but I’m back.

Something interesting happened in a recent quad tick game.
Not sure if anyone has seen this but I’m in the game Black Blitz: https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5587732123615232

I have a player, Onion Ring, who has significantly trailed me the whole game in science and I’ve stayed on weapons nearly the whole game, yet somehow he’s lvl’d up on weapons before me continually. This would require him to hit weapons bonus from exp every single cycle. Seems too unlikely. No one else is hitting weapons as often so he’s not getting it from anyone else.

For Jay or anyone who has seen this before, is there a way to check for cheating on the back end? At least for Jay to make sure this player is doing this legitimately. This player also made some major investments that don’t line up with available cash, although he could be getting cash from other players. Either way it just seems fishy and I’d like to know it’s all fair play.

Thanks for any insight you guys have!


Hey Hipster. Awesome to see you back! I’ve played w Onion before and not seen anything like that. He does play with his wife or girlfriend I remember so I wouldn’t doubt it if he got cash from her. Maybe they took turns hitting weapons with exp? Anyway, hope to ally you again. Let me know the next game you join.


Hey Brand,

I started doing the math and I think that there’s a slight possibility it was within the bounds of the game but it just seemed so fishy.

Anyways, would love to meet up in another game. The break was good for me, but I started jonesing.

I’ll reply here when I join another one.


Hey Brand,

I joined the turn based game, dark quickly. I’m finding it difficult to play the quick real time games lately.

Would love to see you in there if you are interested.