Possible Guides?

I’m relatively new to the game, in terms of actually planning things, and I’ve been wondering if there was anyone who knows exactly what to do for specific races? I know I’ve read a very good Orc hero guide (I can’t remember who wrote it), and I was wondering if someone would be wanting to write guides for the armies such as Trolls and Dwarves?

Hey – I wrote something quick for the Trolls. I hope it helps.

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I think there are a couple people working on (or at least thinking about) similar guides for the other races. There’s a short Humans guide here. To my knowledge the rest are not written yet, though.

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I’ll be improving that humans guide, at the moment it’s more of a call to arms (a compulsion, if you will) to use the humans as the compulsion powerhouses they are.

I think many are simply a bit cautious about posting a guide for what will, no doubt, become quickly outdated.

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Then we do it again! :slight_smile:

I kind of want to write a in depth guide in my areas of interest - pulling apart game mechanics, guides steering from that sort of issue - first bit the 5% step move and ways to exploit it, unsure if it’s of interest or not


Once again am I weird - I keep seeing these single race guides, isn’t a large part of the deck building making a combination of the races which will work together to help each others strengths and counter each others weaknesses?


That was actually super helpful! Thanks!

Thanks! Humans seem pretty awesome, and I could see why they would hold off on that. Haha

To some extent, maybe? There aren’t always the same races available to every map. Even then, if you’re going mixed race the second race might not be available to use right away. Some people find second race cards help, others like me tend to avoid them in most cases; maybe one or two off race cards at most.

really I can’t think of any game I’ve played (other than single race single player maps) where I have only had 1 race, I mean the starting position of the map determines what races and how many of another race you can risk, but grief sometimes > 1/2 my deck is other races

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Well that poses an interesting question, because in the guides we talk about these races as if all cards are at our disposal, when in reality this is not the case. Especially for a free player.

Some players simply can’t fill out multiple decks adequately enough to make a mixed deck strategy viable. The thing about the races is that their cards are designed to synergize well with each other. It is better, in my opinion, to invest in a single race and acquire a mix of their uncommon and rare cards. For certain races, the rare cards are crucial to their play, and their uses and strategies only really arise when you are working with a full deck.

So, in some ways, due to the nature of spending hero points on cards, the guides are almost “Buyer’s guides”, listing the pros and cons of a race and allowing the player to decide if that suits their tastes.

That said, I do usually add a card of neighboring natural allies to my deck, but not very many. And that is simply in case of emergencies when I need to reinforce a captured city that is not my own race.

I’ll throw a combo out there that I like – Tangle Mage and Pool Priestess. Tangle Mages can jump to blighted mana pools. I love popping in with some Spears and Turtle warriors and create a position behind zombie lines.

Honestly the more I see the more I become concerned that I am an unusual player and blight is going to progressively move away from what I find interesting and towards a game that i’m less interested in & far closer to some games (age of wonders say, or free to play but pay to win games) but with less interesting mechanics than either.

All I can think is i’m glad I checked in to see what was happening with blight now rather than later if it does take that path.

Honestly? What is it you like about Blight and what direction do you think it’s taking?

yes honestly

I’m really feeling rough at the moment - had less than 2 hours sleep both of the last nights so a proper reply is probably going to have to wait. (sorry to all people I’m playing with if my playing has been a bit haywire)

I keep being torn between the wanting to try to write guides, help figure out more minor issues (Larger army =/= Fewer casualties for instance i think would improve gameplay immensely regardless of the direction) or try to write out concerns about the direction, and i cant help but feel my time is best spent on the stuff that will help regardless.

At the end of the day I think there is a good chance that blight will rip apart the bits that are most unique about it and bluntly if it’s trying to compete with games that have the same parts that interest me but have had a small fraction of the manpower developing them I don’t think it will turn out the best for it.

Honest question - is my time typing better spent listing a long list of worrisome things I fear are to come/ will damage the game or trying to suggest ways to improve areas/ write guide, I cant help but feel its the latter (or just shut up)

I almost always bring mixed decks. I will cherry pick some of the most powerful cards from each race that I can, since I only have a limited number of card types I can bring. I’ll bring some of the human compulsion cards, some elven mana generation cards (since I am often running out of mana), some dwarven artillery and some goblin gold production cards. I might throw in an Orc shaman card. Most maps have a second race close by, so I will usually only bring the cards that fit into my starting race and that second closest starting race. I do occasionally throw in a third race (although its rare), but I don’t think I have ever brought one race (barring the single race maps, of course).

I’ll look at the map and use my last card slot (or two) to bring in other race specialists).

In general though, I use Hero Coins to fill in race gaps depending on when and what type of settlements I capture.

Where as I’m a grumpy git and fear that is the first of steps towards a pay to win game and avoid paying hero coins in that way, it kind of feels unfair (not complaining towards the players who do it).

I always spend any hero coins I want to before the missions. To the point I will open up a map to see the free slots, go back spend coins then start the map.

I think seeing a mobile game I played with friends being shifted into a pay to win may of made me somewhat bitter the model.

This is hardly pay to win, though, is it? In fact, Blight has been one of the lowest-cost-to-enter games I have ever played with.

There hasnt been any real push to make Hero Coins more of a part of gameplay, so while I get your concern in general, I dont see a lot specifically to worry about with Blight.

…and really, Blight needs to have some sort of economic base to support itself, no? Allowing those who are willing to invest in Hero Coins to have an extra set of options in the game (not gamebreaking, but an advantage) seems like a pretty good mechanic and model to work from.