Possible Multi-player Tournament


Yes, I know, and I was agreeing with you. Dark Galaxies fell out of my love when I could never start one on time and had to sleep all through the critical hours.

1x speed preferably, unless the general consensus is something different. The ticks will be set like the 64 game so that people in different time zones have a fair cycle pay schedule.

Oh, I wish I could do custom maps. However, I’ve given up on learning the integer system. It just doesn’t work for me, and it’s too great a nightmare to imagine the possibility of mapping 32 player positions. No sir, not me! So a random scatter will do. The Twin ring syndrome not on the table.

Perhaps someone could create a custom map for us?

The Smulm Cup Tournament

Similar to Omnimal, I’m a turn-based guy … haven’t done any major battlefests in a while (agree it’s sad to see not many games listed to join), but I’d be interested.

There was a 1v1 tournament a couple of years ago. This was a LOT of fun, and Jay was nice enough to create some mirrored maps for us. It would be really GREAT if @JayKyburz could enable this functionality for us to create these ourselves - apparently it’s in Proteus.

P.S. Good luck Smulm with the hurricane - Florida is going to get clobbered.


You could try my Custom Galaxy Three Neighbors map 32L or map 32D , or map 32J .

There is also my Custom Galaxy Three Neighbors map 24L .


Excellent, Dex. The 32D and 24L look perfect!

Also, they say the hurricane will move away from my undisclosed armchair of evil, whereupon I contemplate the fate of stars with the rest of you. So all is well, for now. It is unknown whether that will change suddenly as is Irma’s wont.


I’ll Play.


After the 24 player game, you eliminate 8 players, then you can play on my Custom Galaxy Three Neighbors map 16L . I do not have a Three Neighbors map design for 8 players, so you might need a circular ( two neighbors ) map.


Great to have you, Jay!

And thanks once again, Dexter, I’ll be sure to use these custom maps, assuming I can make them work.

Actually, there’s going to be an issue with me, seeing as I have to be part of a private game for it to function, right? I haven’t hosted any games before, believe it or not, and if I recall correctly it requires my continued presence. If I get eliminated in a 32 (high probability), then of course I can’t be involved. Or is it possible to join, and then AI myself and then add someone into the AI slot?

The other possibility is to have a 25/17/9 player game and me be the extra player that quits at the start. Would that be possible for the custom maps, adding an extra player?

Either way, I doubt we’ll get the full number of 32 players needed from the forum alone. It’s too inactive. I’ll probably need to post this up as a custom 32 player game.

However, once I do that, it will be a free for all, and it still won’t guarantee those public players will be able to join the private 24 player second round. Huh. I guess I can always wait and keep a tally of who’s playing until the list is big enough.

But so far we have a scant few forum participants…


I’d be interested in participating. However if it’s not to be turn-based how about a Proteus based tournament.
Jay->is that possible? The beta is playing pretty nicely and is a good improvement IMO.


I’d like to join as well. No preferences


I’m also up to play.


Not quite that way maybe. . .
Premium users are able to create & customize games.
In User Created Games, the user who created the game is the “Administrator” of that game, and is required to be one of the players in the game for it to start. A User Created Game without its Administrator as one of the players will never start.

After the game starts, the game will continue for everyone even after the the Administrator player either Quits or becomes KO. However that Administrator will still have Administrator powers in Options controls. Just do not delete the game so it will continue running.


A User Created Game with a password will have Admin controls in the Options, that include “Force Start”, “Force Turn”, “Jump ticks”, “Toggle Pause”, and “Restore Player”.

If you are willing to forgo those Admin controls, IMO, I would suggest that you create a forum thread of the tournament, create a game without a password so that it is public, and also provide the forum hyperlink into the game Description when Creating the 32 player Game, so that players can become introduced to the forum and maybe participate.

Then for the remaining 24, 16, & 8 players User Created private games, you can create a password so they are restricted to tournament participants only, with explanations in a forum post.


I would also suggest posting to the NP subreddit, and the discord to advertise .


Curse those metaforums social media mutants. They’ve ruined message boards. But I’d be happy for others to post the tournament on them.

@Dex. Yes, that’s what I figured I needed to do, but a step-by-step for a brainless like me doesn’t hurt. :wink:

Anyway, now that it looks like a significant number of people are catching on, expect a new thread for the 32 player round to come up by the weakened, to go along with the 32 player game itself. As of right now I’m battling fiercely to conquer two 64 empire galaxies. Those knaves don’t deserve all those stars!

As for a Proteus tournament… no thank you. Not hosted by me or including me. I have a staunch dislike for Proteus.


Glad to see Irma did not get you. :slight_smile:

I am not @ Dex . Opps ! He mostly plays Blight 2.


Haha. I was trying to figure out how I ended up here. Maybe someone was responding to an old post (a very old post; I haven’t played Neptune’s Pride in maybe 9 years).


@Smulm RE: Proteus, not heard that reaction before, when was the last time you tried it?
It’s a cool improvement and there seems to be quite a few regulars.

Anyway, keen to play the tournament in whatever format.


I confess it has been a while since I played Proteus, but from what I recall few changes were made that I liked at all.


Here is the link to the game, for those of you who posted on this thread and wanted to join, but maybe missed the new thread I made. 12 positions left, hurry if you want to join.


Thanks for setting this up! Going to be fun!