The Smulm Cup Tournament


I’ve joined as well ^^


Joining and I posted elsewhere to let others know.


7 positions left but you haven’t joined yet @jaykyburz!



Also, this:


We await the coming of IHG, Jay!


After consuming several Margarita’s tonight, I made the serious, serious, serious mistake of signing up for this game!!! :wink:

I say that because I have not played real-time for probably a couple of years (it totally screws up your sleep) and I’m traveling this coming week, so won’t be able to check in too often.

But since Green Square was open, the Jolly Green Giant decided to be cannon fodder for you guys! :wink:

P.S. If by chance I’m somehow lucky enough to make it to the top-16, can I suggest that we be able to “nominate” someone to take our place? As mentioned in the other forum thread, I’m a turn-based guy (the real-time countdown clock looks bizarre to me!) so if someone is deserving but if for some reason does not advance, I’d like to give them a chance.

PPS. Nice job putting “Trade Scan Enabled” in there - this is a great leveler and prevents buddies on opposite ends of the galaxies from colluding. Means you have to do some serious diplomacy to be friendly with your neighbors … who are your route to expansion - D’OH! :wink:

Also appreciate the 20 ticks for production (fair to rotate things for various timezones) … but I would have suggested enabled Dark Galaxy and Formal Alliances.


@HULK you made the right decision to join, and now you have to stay the distance. :smile:

@HOUSEBOAT_THANGS you are going down! Damn, you’re on the other side of the galaxy, just wait 'til I get there! Someone hold me back…


Aw yeah. Let the party begin.


Is it necessary that we get to the end star count condition, if 16 players get eliminated? At that point, any remaining players would be the ones moving on — even if we continue, those players would rank higher (even if they eventually lost all their stars) , than everyone else previously eliminated

I can’t remember seeing a game where someone hit winning star count and there were still more than 16 players alive


It could easily go like you say, JayCee. But there is a chance for fifteen lesser empires to survive, assuming they are very small.


Oh, certainly … in fact, i think we may see some interesting dynamics in this tournament. Especially as a few players do get eliminated … at that point just surviving becomes a goal, and players may be more defensive than usual.
Will be interesting to see


Since I love it whenever games are recorded here, I’ll start the official record for Smulm’s Tournament.
Current map with current top 16, almost at cycle 6:

No one’s running away with it yet, a few players are getting crushed, and I can see a few obvious alliances emerging hint hint, hulk and karmadrome, brand and killdozer :smirk:


Thanks for posting the map @Omnimal and hope you can keep doing to see how it progresses. Appreciate 'ya calling out a couple of alliances … but clearly there are a number of other ones.

@JayCee makes a real good point about the dynamics will be a bit different here since you just need to survive, not win. Ideally, there should be some sort of “bonus” if you win that you could carry over to the next game to reward those players that go for it.

P.S. Already regretting signing up for a real-time game as my hangover from those margarita’s has persisted since the game started! :wink:


Oh, I like that idea of giving some sort of bonus or strategic advantage to the top three positions, to encourage more competition after the initial ‘culling’ of players down to 16 contenders. Nothing too dramatic, but enough to entice some players to seriously compete for it


Hey Jaycee. Given that you and Onnimal are totally destroying me I think you are seeing my desperate attempts to survive.

I agree with the top three players getting something but a reward in the next round might cause the top three now to be the top three next round and than one of them to win the tournament. It seems kinda unfair that way. Does anyone have any ideas that are not in game?


Existor, I’m afraid I don’t understand your point.
The thought was, right now everyone is simply going to play for survival … once there are 16 clearly eliminated players, it doesn’t really matter who comes in first place. Every one of the top 16 moves on, and the stage is set for next game.

Agree that giving some sort of ‘bonus’ or advantage to the top three players would give them a better chance to win the next round … but that’s the point. Gives the players an incentive to do more than just ‘survive’ the round, and would likely incentivize certain teams to push to take the top spot, or eliminate the player in the top spot.

This would actually work in the FAVOR of players like yourself who have been reduced to just a few stars … as long as you aren’t eliminated, there is still the possibility that you could survive, since there might be a reason for the bigger teams to actually keep competing. Meaning that players in a ‘safe’ spot at 15th place may actually get eliminated


Re-reading your post … I see your point, a ‘reward’ that doesn’t affect the status of the game, but something they still would work towards.
First thing that comes to mind would be a new Badge — any other thoughts on what sort of reward would give people incentive to really work towards a first place win?


I thought maybe they could get a galactic credit so the winners could buy someone a badge but than I think @Jaykyburz would have to do that manually which I don’t expect him to. I’m pretty sure he can do that as he can give out those shiny tournament competitor and winner badges.


I think it should stay as it is, nice and simple. Ultimately the objective is to whittle the field down for the final showdown. No need to provide incentives along the way.


(Devious Cackle) Oh, I contemplated the top three-16 receiving something special, but I don’t think I am going to do that. The first round is about survival. If anything, I think and encourage you players who are winning to cultivate friends who will owe you one… HehehehaHAHAHAHAHAH!

You are going to need it for round two! Oh, yes. I have decided to be as sadistic as possible with that one… I’m not betting on winning the tournament now, so I assume that means I must pay for the darned stickers. So I might as well have fun watching you lot while I do… (Crazed laughter continues)