Possible Nightmare Lord bug - ugh >_<


So I had 3 armies each with followers. They were standing their ground at a gryphon’s nest, awaiting to defend against zombies.

A nearby Nightmare Lord triggers his Fear ability, and sends only the Leaders running… The followers just stood there. And now they’re frozen and I can’t tell them to move… so what was gonna be a victory with a lot of casualties, will now be a slaughter. because the leaders have abandoned the followers, and the squishy followers are now “stuck” and I can’t command them to move.

Have some pictures:

See how only some of the units (The previous leaders) are now moving back to the Dwarf keep… but the rest remain.

Race Conditions

Sorry about this. I added some code last week so that the zombie lords would drop followers if they were compelled to move by powers, but It looks like its being applied to player units as well. Will fix as soon as I can.