Premium Players 5 Man Stand Off

Blue Octagon, Purple Star, Purple Oval, Yellow Octagon, Teal Triangle.

Before I make a comment, my apologize to those who might not wish their profile to be seen. However, the game is public and aliases could have been made pre-start.

In this 64 player game: Neptune's Pride

These 5 premium players are experienced with the exception of Admiral Jiang(Purple Oval) with only 1 win, 30 rank, and 62 renown. The other 4 players have at least 3 medals, 130 rank, and 150 renown. These players are locked in a small part of the galaxy and I’m excited to see what comes next between these strategists.

If they’re smart, they’ll agree to alliance, consume those in the middle, then work their ways outward and win.

I was in it, until I realized I was in a hopeless position with no resources and a brewing south alliance that’s doubtless on its way to creation as we speak.

He might just be looking for an excuse to attack you.

I’m the Pink Empire of Trensicourt. I was in a crippled position for a while. Thus, I offered you 2 alliances to back stab the more expansionist friends you guys have. I wasn’t very diplomatic in offering, because I was tired and desperate. However you guys didn’t take my hand. Now I can’t accept anymore allies. Maybe One? However me and my allies has made much progress in decimating the opposing fleet. NaN is losing ground and the UMC is fighting a much stronger empire of Gamba Nera.

There are two sides to the argument posed. Because I am a bystander to this conversation, I will make un-biased points. Allies or not, blind faith is what pushes men to trust. Trust is a big factor. Molotov’s standing fleet is subconsciously shredded Cheeze’s trust. This is because Molotov’s is in a very diplomatically sandwiched position. This does not help Cheeze’s motive. Cheeze’s motives are to expand outside the string of alliances. However Molotov’s fleet directly conflicts with Cheeze’s objective. Though they are allied, this standing fleet causes serious border friction. Thus, driving Cheeze paranoid and mentally exhausted. I assume this is because Cheeze fears being back stab during a campaign against Tusk. On other hand, having the fleet at one’s borders gives the owner a feeling of security. Because Molotov is allied with his neighbors, he is oblivious to the border friction his fleet provides. That is because Molotov policies are to have a fleet garrisoned by default and diplomacy doesn’t help either. Thus conflicting with Cheeze’s trust.

However I got to say that the tech difference is INSANE!
This is my technology.

This is my allies’ technology.

The enemies’ most advanced player:

I have to defend myself from JiAnG’s comments. Pic 1 shows ship movements while I was fully invested in moving everything east against cyan triangle. It was a good push but when I saw JiAnG’s movements I did indeed get paranoid and stopped everything. If purple star says he saw it differently than I’ll shut up…

This pic shows the part JiAnG conveniently left out. Purple star asking what the hell and no response from you for days.

This pic shows the same thing.

Hey, Pythagoras, it’s hexagon not octagon.

Say your apologies and move forward. The game is not meant to be mentally exhausting(maybe :wink:).

Much to learn, you have!


GG, everyone showcased is dead or has conceded defeat. It is very ironic that I am the one consuming the ones that just almost defeated me.