Problems with grappler interactions with bouncers

I’ve noticed a few problems with bouncer interaction with grapplers. I’ll demonstrate in this game I’m playing.

The first problem is I’m sending Ship D to help Ship A against ship B. When Ship D gets within 1 range of ship A, the bounce damage from ship B will apply the grappled effect to Ship D, and stop it from getting into range to help with the battle. I’m not sure if this is intended or not.

The second issue I’ve noticed is there used to be another enemy ship at the point where Ship B was. This also had a grappler, and was attacked by Ship A, and died that turn. This then applied the grapple effect to Ship A, and now Ship A is prevented from attacking Ship B this turn. I’m guessing its because it was only allowed to attack the ship that had it grappled, and now that ship is gone, its not allowed to attack the same hex, but a different ship.

Its either that or the grapple effect is applied from bounce damage from Ship B, I’m not sure which effect was applied.

I’m not sure if either of these are intended consequences, or if its something that wasn’t forseen. The game is:

Anyway, fantastic game generally, hope this helps to make it better :slight_smile:

Thanks @Cryptious! The Bouncer combining with the Grappler (and Slaver, Dredger etc) is an expected effect that can lead to some interesting combinations!

If the ship that has the Grappler sinks, then its Grapple effect shouldn’t be applied. This might have only come through in the update yesterday, so your turn might have rolled over before it was updated. I’ll check it out anyway, in case there is a bug!

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Ok thanks @IHG-BlightedPea. I think it was probably yesterday then. I think it was more the effect that you couldn’t attack the same ship on the same hex you attacked last turn if the ship that grappled you isn’t there, but that problem is solved by it not applying the effect if its dead.