Proteus Test Game 3

I always forget in these new games you dont want to hold your cash back until right before production.

But I never know how much to hold back for all these juicy unclaimed stars!

I know, right! :confounded:

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The galaxy look a little bit like Australia.

Or maybe Sponge Bob… running. Or something. :laughing:

Wait,:anguished: that puts me right in his… well, that would be telling. :wink: We’ll say armpit… :smirk:

I’m located on a corner, and thought it would be a good strategy here to secretly ally with the player at the end of a wormhole.

So, as nobody can see there is a wormhole (and where it goes), because its distant location, it would be a good surprise to give to the enemies, when just before attacking him, I get two new weaps levels (for example).

The only obstacle with that now is that, if I want to ally who is in the other end, one of us needs to cede his wormhole star to get scanning. And, if we cede stars, it becomes visible on the map.

I know it was discussed before, but would be interesting to have the chance to trade with the other end of the wormhole without cede stars.

Omg, missed the test game again. Sad face for me.

What if, if you can scan one end of the wormhole you are able to see where the other end is? Just the symbol/icon/colouring for wormholes - the location essentially (I haven’t seen one, I don’t know what they look like) not any other details or infrastructure.

Edit: Never mind, I’ve just seen my first wormhole in the wild (oooh!) that seems to be exactly how it works. :slight_smile:

How does this work in a Dark Galaxy?

The wormholes look very menacing.

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Does Range do anything other than the obvious? (How far carriers can travel in one jump.)

It would currently seem to be a bit of a no-brainer as the dump stat (inferior tech choice) unless I’m missing something. Perhaps it could have some secondary effect (a combat bonus, perhaps, reflecting general manoeuvrability maybe?)

Yeah, so I took Banking as mine in this game :laughing: I expect it’s going to cripple me, but I wanted to see.

No such thing as Dark Galaxes in Proteus unfortunately.

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We changed how Gates work so that its a fixed 12 hours between two gates. So increasing your range will increase your speed.

Its probably still not a good as Banking, Industry, Experimentation, but might be intresting in some situations.

Fair enough. I do like Dark Galaxies though.

Won’t that only start to make a difference above range 9 or so? I don’t think I’ve ever gone higher than that in any of my games yet.

I think it should kick in almost right away. I’m only range 3 and it takes about 12 hours to make my largest jump.

Okay, I was looking at speeds from the old Warp Gates, let’s have a look.

Currently there is zero advantage to using Warp Gates according to the Ruler.

So they should start to improve speed from next level? Small speed up at first increasing with level? At first this seems to be making Gates less useful but I suppose you wouldn’t be building them this early normally, right? :confused::laughing:

When you have higher hyperspace level you can do bigger jumps, so you can cut down larger jumps to 12 hours instead of them being like 24 hours. Hyperspace doesn’t actually make you go faster, bigger jumps just means warp gates will cut of more and more time.

If you make a small jump less than 12 hours you will do a normal hyperspace jump even if there is a warp gate, so warp gates dont slow you down on small jumps.

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Yeah, I think I’ve got my head around it now, thanks. Haha.

This does remove the tactical use of warp gates between closer stars to intercept attacks/reinforce defences on time.

Actually, yes, I think that is a good side effect I had not considered.

I was seeing the loss as a bad thing, it’s saved my stars a couple of times. Haha.

Seriously though, isn’t it better to have more tactical options?

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I hadn’t thought of that either. In late game the leader is awash in cash, and buying gates is therefore not a cost factor (even though they are more expensive in Proteus). So maybe the loss of this defensive tactic hurts the leader the most? I guess we’ll see.

So long as this is happening in the late game, cash really shouldn’t be that big an issue for warp gates, I don’t think. And I do find this loss of tactical option to be… unfortunate, to say the least. We’ll see.


@JayKyburz, how it works? I already have enemy science facilities under scan, but can’t see any changes in my “Research / Tick”. So, I don’t know if it’s working or I need to do something else…