Question on Grappler

His description says “Prevent attacked enemies moving and upgrading.”

In an AI skirmish, I was attacking (and being attacked by) and enemy ship that had a grappler. I sunk the ship. At the start of my next turn, I was still grappled. I could not upgrade weapons/armor/health (as expected when one is grappled), but I could move, and I could hire new buccaneers.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Should I still have been grappled after sinking the ship?
  2. Should I have been able to buy buccaneers? The description makes no mention of it, but it seems realistic that purchasing new buccaneers should be impacted as well.
  3. Should I have been able to move?

I have screenshots…

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Hey Thanks @penguiniffic I’ll get penny to look into this on Monday morning.

Did it actually move, or could you just order the move? Currently you can order a move, but it won’t move. This allows you to still order an attack.

However, it might might more sense to not allow the player to order an attack if they are Grappled. So they can only return fire to the ship that is Grappling them.

Currently, the effect persists even if the attacker dies. This doesn’t make a lot of sense narratively, but it does allow a smaller ship to hamstring a larger ship slightly. You could imagine that even though the ship sunk, you are still recovering from the effects.

You can still hire Buccaneers. We could prevent this as well, but it would make a powerful ability even more powerful. I suppose that it’s strange anyway that you can hire Buccaneers in open ocean normally.

I appreciate the followup @IHG-BlightedPea. I will have to followup on whether it actually moved or not - I’ll keep an eye out for it. The other comments make sense.