Readding players to game on Dark Galaxy

Hey, so just looking for some help with an occurrence that has happened in a game I’m admining. A player has dropped out of the game but apparently due to the lack of a portrait bar on the UI because of dark galaxy I can’t re-add him. Have I missed something or is there a way around this?

I could be wrong, but I think when you go to the “restore player” in the options it provides you with a list of the players that have dropped.

Also, you can only do it if you are the game admin and the game has a password.

This is what I’m seeing. I am the admin and the game did have a password. I was able to paused the game during this so I assume my other admin powers should work.

EDIT: Thanks for the reply by the way :slight_smile:

Perhaps the player actually resigned rather than afked. IN that case they are out for good.

I found your post on reddit as well!