Recommendations for newbie game?

I’m planning on starting a private game of Neptune’s Pride for me and my friends. We enjoy big 4X style boardgames, and NP was recommended to me as being boardgame-like. None of us have any experience with the game, but all will have experience with 4X-style games. I’m hoping to get some recommendations as to the configuration of the game.

  1. Do some player counts (in the 4-16 range) play significantly better or worse than others?

  2. I plan to play in turn-based mode with a 24 hour max on turns. Any recommendations for the pace? I was thinking 12 ticks per turn. How long should I expect a game to last at that pace?

  3. I’m leaning towards enabling Formal Alliances. Any thoughts there?

  4. For the sake of having a smooth first-game experience for everyone, are there any other settings I should consider changing from the default?

  5. Any recommendations for how to deal with premature quitters? How disruptive is it?


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You need to have Preium membership to be able to create games. Adding a password will make that game private, so then you must share the game URL & password with your friends.

I am just providing my one opinion here. There may be other players with other opinions.

The more players there are, then there is more unpredictable mayhem. Many players here prefer the unpredictability of human players over AI. There is nothing wrong with new players jumping into a regular game. Sometimes you can learn a lot from an alliance with a friendly veteran.

You can see the full range of human behavior, just like real historical wars. There can also be more creativity with role-playing.

If you want a quieter environment to learn the game, then less players could be preferred.

A great majority of games here run typically around one month. Some have been as short as a few days, and some have gone 9+ months. It all depends on the game settings, how many players, players’ skills, stars, % victory, HW starting distances, turn waits, turn jumps.

The game can be played without FA. Then you simply send emails to establish an alliance, to trade tech, cash, information, and fight common enemies.

FA requires a pre-payment fee & allows you to see the scan range of your ally, and allows you to fly through & help defend your ally’s stars.

For new players, really you can do whatever you want for your comfort level. My suggestions would be :
Dark galaxy = disabled
galaxy type = circular, or hex if you are more adventurous

If you have a lot of stars, then use “starting distance” = far
If you have a few stars, then use “starting distance” = close

Make sure the “starting stars” < “stars per player”.

Most turn based games here use 8 tick jumps, so for 7 of those ticks, you are blind & have no control & are unable to react to changing situations.

QUIT & AFK players become AI.
Most forum posts here from gamers usually say that they prefer players do not become AI, because the AI is less lively & less interactive.

Also I think a player that leaves, does not learn as much from the game.
Many veteran players will often take a new player as ally or teach a new player how to play stronger in the game, because most veterans ultimately prefer to play against stronger players.

I would suggest that if you want a player to stay in the game, send an email & negotiate a trade. Offer to give him renown if he stays in the game through the end.


Thanks for the extensive reply! The one month being a typical length, is that for real-time at normal speed? So 8-tick turn-based is likely to be around 3 times that?

You can think of it like that, EDIT for a 24 hour turn wait game.

Turn based games are only faster than real time games if the players log in and submit their turns. For an 8 tick/turn game the pace can actually be nearly 3x as slow as a real time game. The turn deadline makes a bigger difference in my opinion than the ticks/turn. Plus, anything over 8 ticks gets a little crazy.

At end of game, 1st place player earns rank= total number of players in game, 2nd place player earns rank= 1/2 number of players in game, and 3rd place player earns rank= 1/4 number of players in game.

One thing Jay has added into code is that any non-AFK player earns at least 1 rank.
AFK players earn 0 rank.

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