"Red Alert" E-Mail Notification


Would be nice if I could receive an e-mail as soon as my scanners detect someone launching an attack on me. :wink: I cant think of any reason why I shouldn’t know about it as soon as possible. It would alleviate some of my obsessive compulsive desire to constantly be checking on all my games all day long non-stop.


Have tried playing turn-based? My friend and I don’t play anything else now. Our first real-time game had us each setting alarm clocks to wake up at 3am just to see what shenanigans the other was trying to pull.


I agree, this is not an issue in a Turn Based game. The request is for real time games. I don’t mind waking up at 3AM if I have to, but only if someone is attacking me. :smile:


Play Slow, you get twice as much sleep.


Tried that, didn’t work.


And if I pay $200 to buy 8 carriers and send them with delays so they enter your scanning range every hour one night? :smiley:


That’s fine, as long as the feature can be toggled on or off at will.


Devious… You would have to know they are using it, or wait for an opportunity where that expense is worth it.


The act of launching ships at 3AM is devious in and of itself. Perhaps one reason people do it is because they know there is a good chance the other players will be asleep, giving them an unfair advantage. If you launch on me, I want to know regardless of what time it is so I can log in and defend myself. Sleep is overrated anyway.


That’s exactly why we tried to do it to each other.


I completely agree with you. If there is any fleet movement in my empire’s scanning range which might be interesting the leader should be notified immediately. That’s why I write a script myself which does it. Jay already said that the google app engine makes email expensive so I don’t think this will be implemented in the near future so I wrote it to myself.
I even thought I would make it a service so you can sign up and set special alert for your games like:
Trading detected, Enemy fleet attacking, Fleet entered and left your scanning reach while you were away…
But this would require to have you triton login credential and I guess not many people would give it away so I haven’t did it, but if there would be a few people here who would try it out I can make it public for a test :slight_smile: (I have my own premium account, i’m not interested in stealing any…)


Why google app? Wouldn’t a small e-mail server application do the trick?


Yes that would, but that’s work and money I guess. I too thought about a simple sql queue and a small VPS (5$/month at digital ocean) could send the letters from the queue, that’s what my script does. Checks on my each game every game after every tick and if anything happened I get a letter from it.


There are plenty of free e-mail server applications. I imagine any additional programming would require some work on Jays part. I have no clue how to script or I would do it myself. Can you just send me a copy of the script so I can use it myself? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure I can, I will get it in better shape than and maybe put it to github but you need php 5.4, mysql to run it, and I use cron to time it to run every minute.


I went looking for the email pricing stuff on app engine, because when I say expensive I meant it was $1 for 10k Emails, so not that expensive.

But it seems they have changed how email is charged, its free but I cannot send more that 20,000 a day without signing up for a premier account. (An extra $150 a month)


Wow, how many are you currently sending per day? (Do you know)


about 1500