Quick question, apologies if it’s answered somewhere I couldn’t find it.

If I rename a star can other players see what it’s called? What about carriers?

Many thanks.


The Name of the Planet ist visible for everbody, after Change.
Except in a Dark-Universe.
The Carrier-Names are also visible, only limited by Scan-Range.


Excellent thanks, good to know.

So basically don’t name a star “Gather ships here to attack Bob”. :wink:


“Elaborate Trap”


That sort of thing, yeah. Hehe.


On the same subject, if I rename a star and a non-premium player takes it over, does it keep the new name?


Indeed that is true… so I should defiantly not tell you to rename the star something extremely embarrassing so that when they capture the star they can not change the name because they are not premium lol


Perish the thought.:innocent: