Renowned in anonymous game


I’ve currently been arranging private games for the eXplorminate steam group and we have just finished our second game and about to do a third, for the second game i made anonymity extra so what happened in the last game doesn’t come into play in the new game ie alliances/enemies my only problem is that we can’t give renowned after the game is over :frowning: any chance this can be added?

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This is a popular feature request.

Right now, when you give somebody renown, it applied to their account immediately, so you can use it to reveal players identities.

What I need to do is allow you to give the renown, but hold onto it until after the game is finished.

I will make sure it’s on the todo list and will hopefully get to it later this year

Thanks very much for letting me know that your group misses this feature. Lets me know I need to do it soon!

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