Request for A.I. War Game

I am currently playing in a game with Quandry and several other very strong experienced players. The game evolved into a battle between two groups but, the main two players on the other team had a very strong disagreement with each other over strategy and both players rage quit within a couple of hours of each other. (No names here to keep friendships in place…)
Anyway our group was really looking forward to fighting the A.I. which at the time would have been on positions 1 and 2. Strangely, the A.I. never woke up and we just got to slowly knock off the quitters worlds. Today, one of the A.I.s woke up but not the other and only partially. May be a bug there.
So, finally to my question/request. How about the ability to set up a game with multiple slots allocated to A.I.s? Or maybe a tournament with some number of real people vs. some number of A.I.s?
Just wondering.

A Premium player has the ability to “Create Game”. The premium player who created the custom game becomes the administrator of that game, and has access to admin function of that game from the (shortcut key “O”) “Options” screen.

Currently, User Created Games are allowed up to 16 players. Any more players than that would require a PM with @JayKyburz .

User created games without a password are public listed with the “User Created Games”. Private games among friends will require a password to prevent becoming public listed.

If a game is custom created for 16 players, but less than the full 16 players join into the game, then the adminstrator may go to Options and click “Force Start”. This causes all unfilled player empire positions to be taken by AI.

This is only one suggestion. There are other possibilities.
If you want a contest between 2 players to challenge their ability vs AI, perhaps those two players could join a custom game that has a settings = circular, random scatter, “bright” (dark disabled). Once they join, they could negotiate a boundary line to split the remaining AI empires between them as conquest goals. The fastest player to conquer their allotted stars could be the winner.

If I am reading this correctly, then it may have been those two very strong experienced players who rage quit that caused the AI to be the top two positions on the Leaderboard ?

I could be wrong about this, but I suspect Jay may have programmed the AI to only be aggressive against human players who are working towards the top positions of the Leaderboard. But when the AI already occupy the top positions of the Leaderboard, they may be less aggressive against the humans lower on the Leaderboard.

There are other AI rules that may affect their behavior. When an AI scans a star that might be weakly defended, it might attack if it believes it is able to capture it.

Hey Russ,

AI’s don’t kick in till the player’s number of stars drop below 50. As for playing against AI I doubt you will find it very interesting for long once you figure out how easy it is to get the AI to do what you want (eg send small force at very unimportant star, wait, watch AI intercept and leave much more important star vulnerable). Be aware that AI only reacts every 4 tics as well, so once you watch it react, you can count on 3 more tics of it not reacting. Good luck!


PS Strategy was only a very small part of why I couldn’t work with the other person. PM me if you are interested in more details.

Maybe there was some twisted role play happening. (Now I go LOL in a locked sound proof room.)

Please do add these AI strategies to A (Hopefully) Comprehensive Guide to NP AIs! :wink:

I intend to add as many strategies as I can - including this.