[RESOLVED] Sudden Victory with 248 Dead and 1917 Restless Souls

I was playing a Normal-difficulty game on Queen’s Maul when the game suddenly ended in Victory for all players! There were still plenty of zombies and bodies, so it’s really unclear why the game ended.

Game is linked here if that helps: Blight of the Immortals

My best guess is: The same group of 6 had previously started a Hard-difficulty game but it quickly got out of hand so most (all? Some?) abandoned that game. But perhaps the previous game was not properly shut down, so when that previous game ended this new game with the same host (me) was forcibly ended as well? As a reference, the Hard-level game was on Watering Hole as:


Sorry @Loneviper, there was a bug on the server for about 20 minutes where all games accessed ended in victory.

I have restarted you game. Can you check and see if it’s working as expected now?

Do we keep the coins gained from this bug or are they going to be rolled back?

I had about 4 or 5 games end because of that and spent some coins by accident.

You can keep the coins for sure. JUst send me the url of any games you want to restart!

Same issue prematurely ended a multiplayer game 3 days in. Is it possible to just roll it back to before the bug?

Sorry Artful, I dont have the ability to roll time back. The game should be going again.

Thanks! We’ll recover.

Everything’s back up! Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:


Can you restart this one?

I just restarted it, but its not pretty.

sorry, I didn’t read this thread till now because it was marked resolved.