Ruler Improvements [+bugs]

Some minor bugs and improvements.

1a. ETA Warp Speed does not work when one of the endpoints is a fleet.

1b. ETA does not update to take into account new gates. (also shows 1a)

  1. [Proteus] the ruler distance is correct for travel between two wormholes but the fleet details travel time is incorrect.

  1. It would be nice to see a list of points along the path. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you clicked a star or a fleet a millimetre next to it.

  1. Make Tech level: X bold and red if the distance is greater than your current level. This is to help new players.

  2. Same as the suggestion in the calculator improvements thread - it should say somewhere on the ruler screen that the shortcut is [v].

Great notes @AnnanFay I’ll make a link to this thread in my todo list, and when I get another chance to work on the ruler it will all well documented for me.