Rush order ship manufacturing


In the games I’ve played so far, I’ve found myself in several situations where I needed a certain number of additional ships at a star, but was out of position to transport them in time.
For these situations, it would be great if there were some feature allowing a player to “Rush order” a certain number of ships at a star, with them arriving at the very beginning of the next game tick.

I see it working like this: a player notices an incoming attack which would capture the star too late to send a carrier to reinforce it. They instead pay (20 / X) rounded up per ship, where X is their manufacturing level, and purchase a maximum number of 5 times the industry at that star. Those ships arrive the next tick, before combat begins, allowing that player to maintain control of the star at the expense of a decent sum of money.


Timing is such a key part of this game… i think a feature like this COULD be kinda lame.

I’m constantly eyeing stars and watching for ships to take off and then timing attacks so they can’t get a ship there in time, something like this adds a really strong ‘who knows’ element… I have the ships to take it, I have timed it correctly… but egh, maybe they’ll spend some cash and defend maybe not…

I guess everyone would be keeping cash on hand JUST IN CASE… if this was a feature. And that might be interesting. I guess IDK, could be cool, could be broken :wink:


OHHH!!! @Malador

How about its slave labor death camp status… it cost money + maybe COSTS you industry or economy at the star… so you’re hurting yourself to do it but its something you’re doing in desperation… THAT COULD BE COOL!!

If its just money then everyone will be force producing left and right with tons of cash reserves, eiher it will cost too much and be a useless feature, or it will cost too little and be abused… making it cost industry or economy is a potential balancer… esp in games were these things have higher than normal prices!!


I think that would really degrade tactic and the attack/defend game. So, I’m not really on board this one.


I too have to disagree with the idea of rushing ship manufacturing at a star. Logistics and positioning, defensive support and setup are the massive point of the game’s tactics and strategy. No need to circumvent that in any way whatsoever.

If we are losing stars we want to defend because we arent geting ships there in time for defense, then we are doing it wrong…or we arent anticipating/planning well enuf, or we simply need to readjust expectations to match reality.


Yeah, looks like this would only have a place as an option for custom games, but might be interesting all the same.
And @Kavanavak, having it cost economy is a great idea! It would certainly help balance out the cost/reward.


There is a valid tactic for this in game already - industry bombing. Simply calculate how many ships will be needed, and buy the excessive amount of industry on the world to do so. Obviously, cost puts an upper limit on the usefulness of this tactic - but still, I’ve used it to defeat huge incoming forces. I remember vividly a game which turned on my buying ~30 industry on a border world.