Scheduling purchase

It would be great to be able to schedule purchase of infrastructure buildings.

I’m in a game right now, where payday occours in the middle of the night for me. If I could queue up some automatic building purchases to go off at the time money comes in, I would not miss those hours of research and ship productions :slight_smile:

Great idea!. I’ll make a note on my todo list.

Do you think if, for the next version of NP, we made is stars pay out throughout the day rather that all at once, this would be less of an issue?


I am pretty sure that at least some early dropouts are caused by people not wanting to play with the disadvantage of not being able to maximize their growth.

So… there’s a new version coming? :slight_smile:

Any dates, or indicators, you want to share? :slight_smile:

May be this scheduling can be incorporated into bulk purchase, so that screen may look then:

Select an amount of money to spend and the kind of infrastructure you would like to buy. The cheapest infrastructure will be purchased throughout your empire.

How much: [0]
Where: [Economy|Industry|Science]
When: [now|in 1…2…3…4… … …24 ticks]

Scheduled purchases (4/5 slots used):

  • spend 250 on Economy in 5 h 17 m
  • spend 200 on Industry in 5 h 17 m
  • spend 120 on Science in 5 h 17 m
  • spend 40 on Economy in 12 h 17 m

This example shows that in 5 hour ticks there will be end of production cycle so player wants to invest in lot of things; in 7 more hours xe is planning to capture one new star and wants to buy few points there.

This scheduled bulk buying could be done as the last part of end of tick processing. It should allow you to write there any value, even if you don’t have that much on hand (that’s the main point). If you don’t have enough when the buying is scheduled, system uses some smaller amount you have at that time and sends you note, how much was scheduled and how much was actually used and how much was bought for it…

im not really for this mechanic,
I undersrand its benefits, but as a sentinel style player, I like knowing that there are advantages to paying more attention and innovative ways advantage can be gained.

it means that even when backed into tough starting positions by the map, a hard working player can overcome odds.
and an attentive player gan gain more information. I often note the rough times a player is online and chatting during the game to figure out if they are likely to respond to an attack worith other ships or buy defensive industry to beat incoming ships.

I would much rather see a game start time able to be scheduled to avoid early AM production times on custom games.
it would solve a majority of problems with minimal mechanic changes.
that way, if you dont like a games production time you can just not join it.

the flow on effects of that change require major overhaul, what happens if you dont have the money for multiple scheduled purchases? which ones get bought?
what if your terra level increases before the purchase? etc.

there really is no benefit to the current situation with custom games starting with last joined player other than the last joining player being able to play immediately upon joining a game.

Not every player can maintain a Sentinel login.
Being able to schedule future infrastructure purchases is helpful
in the same way that carriers can be given future orders.
This makes it easier for players to be a little more casual relaxed with fewer logins during the day.

True though, that non-Sentinel players will miss out on up-to-the-minute information because of fewer logins.

( I often give a communicate black out against my enemies. But that is just me. )
( And since I login at unusual hours anyway . . . ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Custom games do not always have 24 hour production cycles.
So again, being able to schedule future infrastructure purchases can be helpful to all players.

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More players might have an easier time playing this game if they had the ability to schedule future infrastructure purchases.